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About Us




SeeYourAdjuster.com was created so that policyholders could see the face of the adjuster that would soon be at their door.  Any adjuster can Get Listed/Register and  post their profile. SeeYourAdjuster.com allows the adjuster to send policyholders to the site to view their profile. They get to see the adjuster's picture, contact information and resume or an introduction the adjuster creates. They immediately know who is coming to their home or business and by reviewing the adjuster's resume or introduction, they know how the adjuster is qualified to adjust their claim.


SeeYourAdjuster.com also has an optional adjuster rating survey that they can use to give the policyholder a voice about the claims process and the service they have provided.  After the adjuster does a great job adjusting the claim, they can ask the policyholder to go back to the site and rate their services.  The policyholder fills out a very short survey that rates the adjuster's service.  The adjuster can use this rating when marketing their services.  


Being a rated adjuster is a great marketing tool for the adjuster as they grow their career in the claims business.


As a registered adjuster, you can send any prospective employer to the site to see your profile.  They will know exactly who they are considering hiring and, if you opt to be a rated adjuster, they will have access to your rating.  (Remember, the ratings on this site are from the policyholders and/or the file handlers you work with.  These ratings have value over being endorsed by your peers.)



Check out the site.  If your an adjuster, register and create your profile today.







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